• Contract
    JCT 2016 Design & Build
  • Completed
    June 2019 – June 2022
  • Cost
    £1.2M – £3.5M


Employer’s Agent Services, including: Cost estimating, contract documentation, cost reporting and management, change control, manging project expenditure, negotiating and agreeing the final account.


These projects comprised the construction of 49Nr houses and bungalows across three sites, over a 3 year period. The Client’s aspiration was to develop these brownfield sites to deliver innovative housing projects, to respond to Manchester City Council’s zero carbon agenda, as well as to inform their own strategy for delivering more highly performing housing stock in the future programme.

Key features of the dwelling were as follows:

  • Very high level of airtightness (1.0 airtightness, compared to 5.0 required by building regulations). This necessitated careful detailing of airtight membranes, and close management on site to ensure no risk of perforating.
  • Very high levels of thermal insulation, including triple glazing.
  • MVHR installations
  • Very low heating demand (only 2Nr radiators per house), resulting in running costs of circa £200 – £400 annually.

The projects were delivered on time and on budget, with a high degree of project team collaboration. The same standard were achieved across all of the sites, with learning from each project driving improvement. These 3 projects were amongst the first in Manchester to omit gas heating entirely whilst maintaining exceptionally low running costs for residents.