: Ben Dawson

: Director

: 0161 486 6966

: 07733 266 928

: ben.dawson@wilcowan.com

Ben’s journey at WCP spans his entire professional life, commencing as a graduate trainee back in 2004. Since then, he’s contributed to a diverse array of projects, catering to the needs of clients in the world of commercial, industrial and affordable housing projects. 

Ben has extensive knowledge and expertise and is specialised in the delivery of affordable housing projects. His passion for delivering affordable housing is the driving force behind his dedication. The rewarding aspect of his career lies in the knowledge that he has played a pivotal role in making affordable housing a reality for many.

In 2019, Ben became a Director at WCP. His vision extends beyond professional success, and he aspires to continue fostering the growth and success of WCP. More than that, he envisions a future where the company becomes a catalyst for the success of the younger generation, a place where their potential can thrive.