: Charlotte Paterson

: Office Manager

: 0161 486 6966

: 07736 358 621

: charlotte.paterson@wilcowan.com

Charlotte joined the Construction industry in 1998 as an administrator before going to university to embark on a journey as a Project Manager progressing to Commercial Manager before she joined WCP in 2013; bringing in a new adventure that showcased her versatility. 

Charlotte’s life at WCP started out as a Surveying Administrator, subsequently assuming the role of Office Manager in 2016. Her extensive experience and wealth of expertise allow her to make informed decisions to drive productivity, efficiency, and excellence across a diverse spectrum for the business, proficiently catering to the needs of Directors and business teams alike, further underscoring her invaluable contributions as an integral part of the WCP family. Whilst working for WCP, Charlotte consistently demonstrates proactivity, resourcefulness, and efficiency while maintaining an unwavering commitment to business needs. 

Charlotte’s forte lies in efficiently managing a wide range of requests, providing support to the teams, and ensuring optimal performance at every turn.

Beyond the confines of her professional endeavours, Charlotte finds tranquillity and rejuvenation in the great outdoors. Whether it’s traveling to new cities, enjoying beach and relaxation holidays, exploring nature through hiking, or enjoying leisurely dog walks with her Jack Russell, Lola, she manages to strike a harmonious balance between her career and her personal passions, which reflects her approach to life.